I am so pumped this morning with only hours till the world fair 🙂 can’t wait to eat some tacos and be on our way! Im excited cause I’m taking my Tom cat to enjoy the festivities.  Will update later with pictures!

Have an inspiring day ~M


My first week was over yesterday and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief ! I am loving school.. my instructor is awesome and I like the environment.. also the fact that it was hand on from the beginning 🙂 this week was manicure and acrylic application with pink and white, and natural tip and overlay.. (pictures to follow this post)

I also have big news this week ….

Drum roll please!………..

I will be attending the world fair san antonio 2013! Next weekend with my husband and class 😀
It will be my first hair skin nail show and hopefully not my last…
Well thats all my updates for this week..  now some pics of this wks lessons


Practice @ school





.. and a set on my sister with nail art!



So tomorrow is the third day and end of my first wk @ milan! I loved my teacher she is awesome and explains everything so well and she’s funny too 🙂 my peers aren’t too bad but not perfect angels either hehe but I’ll make due and just stay out of the drama

So we received our kits on the first day and checked them to make sure they were complete and they were.. being in the mani program means more stuff and a bigger kit than Cosmo because it’s our thing.. well here are some pics of what I got 🙂 enjoy





And my first nails as a student


If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will reply asap… well goodnight
Sweet dreams


So ive been up since 4am hanging out with the husband and then we got breakfast and I finished getting ready for school…
It is now 8:01 and ive been ready to go for about an hr and a half but class starts @ 9.. im excited but oh so tired -_- I hope I make it through my first day just fine and I can’t wait to get my kit!!

🙂 have an inspired day!
~ M

spurs nails

the nails i have pictured above were done for my sister before the championship game was played and sad to say but we lost this year to the heat 😦 oh well i still love my spurs!!!

so orientation was interesting and only about an hour long but it felt like longer!

i have 3 other ladies in my group and they are all nice and i think we hit it off pretty well.

so we were asked to talk a bit about ourselves and i was pleasantly surprised to hear that my group had a good few things in common.. we all like arts and crafts, drawing, painting, and of course nails! i was asked what aspect of nails i have the most passion for and i would honestly have to say the artistry! i love being challenged and being able to come up with cute designs to suit the persons likes and personality 🙂  i really hope that these next 6 months will pass smoothly but only time will tell.

have an inspired day!


Tomorrow morning I have orientation for school and I am so excited to finally be able to see whats in store for me. Im a tangled  mess of emotions that its making my stomach feel uneasy… and I havent had a good nights sleep in probably over a week!

I know everything will be ok and its not even the first official day, yet I’m still nervous and stressed about it all because as much as I’ve been wanting to go back to school to further my education, I also want it to be over so I can start my new career!
Tomcat (my husband)says to take it one day at a time.. he always knows what to say to make me feel better, simple yet effective advice for any time you feel overwhelmed! But it feels so much better coming from someone you love and trust right? anywho

I should be getting to sleep as soon as tomcat leaves for work tonight

Have an inspiring evening!

~ M

ive been scouring google and coming up empty! don’t you just hate when you know what you’re looking for but can’t think of how to word it for google??

okay, so im looking for something to hold all of my polish, acrylic supplies, and paints. sounds simple right? ha think again…

I was reading a post on salon geek where this woman was asking if anyone knew a good brand of train case and all that jazz..( I was wondering the same question because I know I will be receiving one with my school kit but I have a feeling its not going to be a big one ) and a lot of the ladies were saying that just because you think that a train case or trolley would make you feel professional it might not always end up being that way.. its more of a newbie picturesque ideal that if you have a large train case you’ll look cute and stylish and very professional…

I want to find something that can hold all of my materials because I am thinking of going mobile after I finish school. The major problems I keep running into are:

Space: I want a case that can hold my entire collection of NP neatly and I refuse to downsize my perspective clients options because I had to leave some at home

durability: all of the caboodles that ive seen at my local walmart and target are super flimsy and cant even hold its shape when its empty and claim to be aluminum (-_-) maybe they are but they look cheap to me! and im worried when I read the reviews on amazon, ebay, and the like where consumers say “don’t buy! its a waste of $200+” for the larger trolleys that are also aluminum

price: I would like to not have to pay an arm and a leg for something that might not fit all of my needs but hey 2 out of 3 aint bad right?  or atleast that’s what meatloaf says

I was considering buying a few other alternatives to these like a zuca, suitcase, or rather large tool box but the zuca is too small, the suitcase has no organization, and im already using a tool box which has warped due to the fumes of my acetone and monomer!  😡

I looked at a website called roobeauty.com and i am falling in love with the Tanzania black croc trolley but its almost $200.00 yikes! :-O but i shall see what the hubby thinks about this investment before actually splurging…. i would so rather be spending that money on enlarging my collection, oh well

I am currently using a tool box to hold my NP which is now full and my cannon camera bag for all of my acrylics. juggling my paint, wash tub, palette and brush case among all else… not to mention I don’t have anything to put my tunnel lamp in to keep it safe. i really want to have all of my stuff organized and would like drawers and locks on my case! not too much to ask for right?

so let me know what you guys think about the whole POV of using a train case to seem more pro and if you have any other suggestions that wont break the bank and fit my needs shoot me a line or just say hi 🙂 Have an inspired day!
~ M