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spurs nails

the nails i have pictured above were done for my sister before the championship game was played and sad to say but we lost this year to the heat 😦 oh well i still love my spurs!!!

so orientation was interesting and only about an hour long but it felt like longer!

i have 3 other ladies in my group and they are all nice and i think we hit it off pretty well.

so we were asked to talk a bit about ourselves and i was pleasantly surprised to hear that my group had a good few things in common.. we all like arts and crafts, drawing, painting, and of course nails! i was asked what aspect of nails i have the most passion for and i would honestly have to say the artistry! i love being challenged and being able to come up with cute designs to suit the persons likes and personality 🙂  i really hope that these next 6 months will pass smoothly but only time will tell.

have an inspired day!



Above you will see a set of nails I did for my sister 🙂

YES! they’re copied from a couple of photos that I found whilst googling!

I would like to shout out to whom-so-ever thought of these gorgeous designs because they are wicked cool 🙂

any who… i’m up @3am because I can’t sleep

thinking about a meeting I have with my beauty school to determine if I qualify for any financial aid :/ , which looks like slim pick in’s if you get my drift

::cough cough::

when I was single I didn’t qualify cause my parents “divorced” made too much and now that I myself am married it looks like that is having a negative affect on my FA as well

:sigh: its sad that I ‘someone who really wants to go to school’ cannot afford it without loans, and then you have those people who don’t want to go to school, who would rather be out getting into trouble and they are able to get free money… it’s almost like the saying ‘ youth is wasted on the young’

enough of my rant I was thrown off track by the impending festivities of tomorrow (yay me! -_-)

so as I was saying earlier…

I can’t list everyone by name who has inspired all of my works but I do know a few:






my sisters

my husband

my M-I-L

Some of my art is inspired by the things I see, and some is copied! I do tell people who did it first (to my knowledge) because I do believe in the rights of intellectual property!

from this moment forward it should go without saying that a whole lotta people (including me) learn how to do things by literally copying someone else’s work. NO! I don’t do it to steal it as my own, I post pictures of art as a re-creation because I really am pretty good at copying.. I am a copycat and that’s how I learn 🙂

I have seen tons of recreations of starry night by Van Gogh and i’m pretty sure everyone knows that painting.. its one of those things people want to see if they can do just because its beautiful!

you guys out there who get all butt hurt about people being a copycat because they have the same hair color or wear the same hairstyle or have the same nail art, get over yourself and don’t take it as an offense… maybe that person thinks you’re so awesome and they want to emulate you because you have found something worth trending!

well I should try to get some sleep 😦  big day tomorrow

oh and if I post a picture of nail art that i’ve copied and I forget to mention a tag.. feel free to comment who it belongs to so I can thank them by name later

*if there’s anything you want to ask me or talk to me about or to just say hi:)  leave me a comment

Goodnight ~M


I’ve been seriously interested in nails since I was 11 but never thought I could actually be in the hot seat. I love glitter, jewels, paint, polish, and just about anything artsy! But I was always pushed towards getting a “serious” job… and I overlooked this dream to ‘grow up’. Now I’ve somehow come back around to really trying to make my dreams come true. Ever since I met my husband he has been inspiring this light inside my heart to grow bright again. I was so inspired that I actually tried doing acrylics on myself and thought “wow, is that what it would be like to do this for other women”, considering that it took me about 7hrs to do my first set on myself, and not with the best products either. It was with this experience and hours of watching youtube videos that I finally decided to go to school to become a nail tech! Classes start soon and I’m so excited to begin… I’ve heard good and bad things about all of the beauty schools where I live but it wasn’t that hard to make a decision of where I would be going. Pretty soon I will be sitting in a room with my peers and letting the creativity flow from my hands to create nail art masterpieces! Wish me luck 🙂


They say that elephants are good luck charms… I hope mine is

My name is Mars. Im in my early 20’s and I’m married to a wonderful man that is extremely supportive of my dreams. Right now I’m in between jobs and striving to become a nail tech. I have an amazing family and love them to pieces!