spurs nails

the nails i have pictured above were done for my sister before the championship game was played and sad to say but we lost this year to the heat 😦 oh well i still love my spurs!!!

so orientation was interesting and only about an hour long but it felt like longer!

i have 3 other ladies in my group and they are all nice and i think we hit it off pretty well.

so we were asked to talk a bit about ourselves and i was pleasantly surprised to hear that my group had a good few things in common.. we all like arts and crafts, drawing, painting, and of course nails! i was asked what aspect of nails i have the most passion for and i would honestly have to say the artistry! i love being challenged and being able to come up with cute designs to suit the persons likes and personality 🙂  i really hope that these next 6 months will pass smoothly but only time will tell.

have an inspired day!